This report describes how Open Science, FAIR data, and R5 principles can be employed within the LIKE project.


We aim to keep this report concise. We will therefore use many existing concepts without going in to extensive detail. The main concepts are:

  1. Open Science terminology and tools established by the FOSTER project.
  2. FAIR data principles and definitions established by the GO FAIR initiative.
  3. R5 ideas from Benureau and Rougier (2018).

These principles were made to serve the purposes of all research domains. Therefore, this report will focus on tailoring them to the needs of the LIKE Innovation Training Network (ITN) of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs).

Report structure

The report contains the following:

A living document

We expect to update this report based on feedback from ITN LIKE and the wider community. We encourage comments, corrections, and other critique as github issues because we can use that platform to manage feedback.